Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trombone


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* Aux in to play along with CDs or MP3s * Echo-enhanced sound for large-room ambience * Reduced hiss * Simplified controls and sleeker look * Output/phones jack connects to included earphones for private practice, to an external sound system for sound reproduction, or to a recording system for recording

Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trombone The Silent Brass system lets you play your horn anywhere you want, anytime you want, and with just the kind of ambiance you want. You can mix into the sounds of a CD player, a Silent Piano, an electronic keyboard or other Silent Brass, and output your playing into a tape deck or even an amp with speakers. Never again will you have to search for a practice room or have to stop because it’s getting late. The system includes the Silent Brass module, pickup mute, locking cable, belt-loop/strap, button earphones, and 9V battery. The module has been redesigned. It is sleeker, smaller, the sound quality has been improved, noise reduced, and the controls simplified.

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