Vandoren Tenor Saxophone Jumbo Java Mouthpiece


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A powerful mouthpiece designed for rock & fusion playing, with a small chamber, high baffle and big bore. A sure bet to cut through any ensemble or project to the back of the largest hall. Vandoren Tenor Saxophone Jumbo Java Mouthpiece Vandoren Jumbo JAVA Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

T45 Very bright, with great precision and control. Tip: 235 / Facing: Medium

T55 Perfect for Jazz Fusion. Tip: 250 / Facing: Long

T75 Powerful, yet easily shaped by each individual. Ideal for Rock & Fusion playing. Tip: 265 / Facing: Med Long

T95 Rich sound; balanced in all registers. For Jazz & Fusion. Tip: 295 / Facing: Long

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T45, T55, T75, T95