Vandoren Tenor Sax V16 Ebonite Mouthpiece


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Featuring a round chamber and no baffle, the Vandoren V16 Rubber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece is sure to be a hit with fans of the vintage rubber tenor pieces. The sound of the Vandoren V16 is rich and full but packs a surpising punch for a rubber mouthpiece with no baffle. Ideal for combo or big-band playing.

Vandoren Tenor Sax V16 Ebonite Mouthpiece The Vandoren mouthpiece for tenor saxophone produces a warm, centered sound. Blends well. Ideal for sectional/ensemble playing.

Vandoren mouthpieces are known for their high, uniform quality—among the best of the mass produced—and are especially popular among clarinetists. The Vandoren line is extensive. It covers all woodwinds and offers designs suited to a variety of playing and musical styles.

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