Jo Ral 1P Aluminum Trumpet Practice Mute


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Spun aluminum with a distinctive textured finish, dramatically reduces volume without distorting tone quality, for quiet practice sessions.

Jo Ral 1P Aluminum Trumpet Practice Mute Made of the highest-quality hand-spun aluminum, Jo-Ral mutes are designed and tested to perform evenly in all registers. Jo-Ral mutes also feature neoprene-enhanced composite cork pads that provide extra durability. The result is a more pliable cork that grips well and doesn’t dry out, become brittle, or break off, so it lasts longer while easily accommodating fine adjustments for a perfect fit. Alternative materials used on the bottom of the mute create varying sound characteristics for special effect, giving musicians the freedom of artistic expression. Multi-propose all-aluminum mutes provide a bright muted sound.