Guitar Professor Guitar Tuner/Chord Finder/Pitch Pipe


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The NEW Guitar Professor combines three much needed guitar tools in one neat, little package. It is a tuner, chord finder and pitch pipe all in one. It is an excellent tool for the beginning to advanced guitarist. Ever wonder how to play a particular chord? Now you can! The Guitar Professor teaches up to 250 guitar chords. For Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitars.

With it, you can fine-tune any guitar – acoustic, electric or bass. Automatically “listens” to the guitar note (using the built-in mic or 1/4″ jack) and displays whether your string is Flat, Sharp or In Tune.

Quickly puts hundreds of chord graphs at your fingertips. Teaches and displays over 250 chords! Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished and more!

Offers a simple way to manually tune your guitar-especially helpful as a tuning reference for severely out-of-tune strings. Plays Low E, A, D, G, B and High E Tones as an aid to tuning and ear training.