Denis Wick DW5513 Euphonium Straight Mute


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For more than a quarter of a century, Denis Wick mutes have set standards of excellence that have made them the choice of the world’s finest brass players. These mutes are beautifully made with perfect intonation.

* Straight 5513 * Aluminum

Denis Wick DW5513 Euphonium Straight Mute The Denis Wick DW5512 and DW5513 Euphonium Mutes feature a high-purity spun aluminum construction with accurate intonation. The DW5513 Straight Mute features a Scotchbrite finish that is bright silver anodized with a handle mounted on the bottom of the mute. The DW5513 mute offers excellent carrying power with brilliance. The DW5512 Practice Mute features a black aluminum finish and allows extremely quiet practice without altering the intonation.