Concepts of Piano Theory – Level 1


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Level 1 — Reviews and expands the basic notation. More Major Scales, Key Signatures, Dynamics, Terms, Cadences, Meter, Triads and Triad Inversions are added. Worksheets and Composition Analysis help Students to study these newly-learned elements.

By Ron Sadler

For a Complete Understanding of Music

Through the study of piano theory, a Student develops a better understanding of music and a greater appreciation of musical composition. The Student will enjoy music more, study longer and perform better. Concepts of Piano Theory is a series of advancing workbooks designed to give students a solid foundation in music theory.

Each workbook introduces new terms and concepts with clear explanations, interesting examples, and easy-to-remember learning aids. Concepts are creatively reinforced with rhythm and keyboard exercises, worksheets and composition analysis.

Aid to Teaching and Learning

For over 30 years, Teachers have used Concepts of Piano Theory to let Students experience piano theory with examples and practice exercises. The workbooks reinforce new concepts with review tests, and build onto these concepts in advancing levels to:

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