Blitz Gloss Care


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  • Blitz Gloss Care Cloth
  • Polish treated cloth
  • Absorbs moisture, removes fingerprints, removes natural oils
  • For use on lacquered and coated surfaces
  • Completely Non-Toxic
  • Made in the USA

    Blitz Gloss Care Cloth
    Gloss Care is a double soft, double brushed polishing cloth. It’s been developed to assure the preservation of the finish on fine musical instruments. Gloss Care absorbs moisture, removes fingerprints and natural oils that can mar the instruments finish. Easy to use. First make sure there are no particles adhering to your instrument that might scratch when rubbed across the finish. Gently wipe surface clean with Gloss Care by using smooth and even polishing strokes until all fingerprints are removed. Buff the finish lightly in order to maintain the luster of the finish and prolong the useful life of your valuable investment. Use on lacquered and coated surfaces. 100% cotton flannel cloth. Non-toxic. Environmentally responsible. Not tested on animals. Contains one (1) specially treated cloth (approximately 12″ x 15″).